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Hello, and thanks for your interest in an art journaling!

Here's how to contact me:

    If you're a spammer, please send email to All email sent to that address is sent directly to the trash.

    If you have a comment or question, I would love to hear from you. Click on this link: Contact Aisling. (It may take a few seconds for the window to open.)

    If you want to leave an anonymous comment, that's okay too. Use the Feedback form.

    (To use those forms, JavaScript must be enabled in your browser.)

Since early in 2007, I've received over 1000 personal emails daily... in addition to the spam.

I'm humbled, honored and flattered that so many people are interested my art and what I talk about. However, numbers like those make it impossible for me to answer most emails.

I read every email that is sent to me. Your emails help me to learn what you need from each of my websites. As I edit articles and add new ones, I keep your comments and questions in mind.

So, although I probably can't reply personally, keep in mind that I am reading your questions and comments--probably at about four in the morning when I first wake up--and I'm smiling.

Thank you for your interest in art journaling!

aisling d'art

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