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Artists Journals!

Want to keep an artist's journal? That's an illustrated diary or journal, usually (but not always) related to the creative process.

Your journal pages may include finished art, or sketches and notes for other projects that you'll work on. Your artist's journal may also serve as a daily diary, a travel journal, etc.

You might think of it as a notebook to use for your creative brainstorming. Or, as a scrapbook of your ideas, dreams, and personal thoughts.

This website shares ideas for creating and keeping your own artist's journal, illustrated diary, or creative notebook.

I'm in the process of changing the design of this website, but -- don't worry! -- you'll still be able to see the older pages once the new version is here.

Guest artists:

From left to right: "Learn from Dreams," by Jacinta (jacanegra), "3 Teachers," by Nancy Gandhi (nancygandhi), and "Learning," by Jacinta (jacanegra).

Click on any image to read more about it and the artist who created it.

Things to read:

How to sew on journal pages - Embellish your paper journal pages and journal covers with buttons, beads, and embroidery. It's easy!

Composition book art journals - Affordable, fun notebooks for all kinds of journals and diaries.

Saving images for your collage art - One way to stay organized.

Art journal page - Ideas for felted/fulled wool - A scanned "idea page" from my art journal, with my audio comments.

Thanksgiving Journals - Start a family tradition that future generations will enjoy, too.

Be sure to browse the various sections of this website. There's a little of everything, and a lot more arriving as I move my articles to this site.


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