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Journal art in the snow

by aisling d'art ©2007

snowHave you ever created journal art IN the snow?

Start with a sheet of plain paper--preferably watercolor paper--and cover it with a layer of snow. A half-inch is good, but you can use more or less.

(Of course, this is best done in a sink or other area where the melting snow won't make a mess.)

Over the snow, drizzle pigment. This can be diluted watercolors or acrylics, or you can use an ink/dye similar to Dr. Ph. Martin's. (When I was little, my mother would give me the magenta water from when she cooked beets. It made a great dye/paint for the snow!)

Then, let the snow melt and run off, and let the paper dry.

The result can be very abstract, even if you'd drizzled a specific pattern on it. You can create great mandalas this way, too.

Remember that you can use resist (or even rubber cement) to keep some areas of your paper white.

And, what's left on the paper after it dries may be the finished painting... or it can be a foundation or support for additional embellishment.

Warm-weather artists can use ice and a blender to create "snow" to try this, too.

But, I've always liked the idea of including art in my journals, where Nature was involved in the process.

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