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Most clipart CDs are $10 each or less.
You can use these images in your art journals and other art, even art that you sell

All of these CDs are for sale at my Cafe Press shop, Santa Flamingo*.

Vintage Ads 1
over 250 vintage ads
from 1906 - 1918
high-quality printable scans
copyright-free images

vintage ads clipart public domain

more info - order
Faces 1
40 vintage face images
for use on dolls & figures
(mostly young women's faces)

more info - order
1817 & 1819 Farmers Almanacs
scanned page-by-page at 300 dpi

more info - order
Shameless Hussies 1
100 images of scarlet women
all copyright-free pre-1923 photos

shameless hussies 1

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Eerie Pictures 2
280 hi-res photos of New Orleans' cemeteries
permission-free for use in your original art

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Creating! issues 1 + 2
together on a double-issue CD
$10 plus shipping
for over 160 pages of inspiration

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Instant Ancestors 2
over 65 high-quality images
scanned at 300 - 600 pixels/inch
unique, private-collection photos
permission-free images

more info - order
205 Eerie Images
205 original photos
from haunted locations
high-resolution permission-free photos
from new orleans and new england

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Stock Photos #1
over 100 photos,
old and new
includes 'instant ancestors 1'
and useful modern images

more info - order ($7.50)
Coming soon:
Edwardian women
ads, articles, and photos
from a more elegant era


* I don't personally ship these CDs. Cafe Press handles the CD sales, production, and shipping for me. The designs are entirely mine; I created the master CDs that they copy and print for you. They also ship promptly and deliver internationally.